A New World for Leadership & Performance Partners

A New World for Leadership & Performance Partners 9 April 2020

If you had told us 3 months ago that we would be attending meetings; conducting coaching sessions; and delivering training on Zoom we would have said you are crazy.

Like the majority of businesses, our world has completely changed in terms of how we do business. We have had to adapt, innovate and increase our level of flexibility.  We have been fortunate to work with people across a variety of business sectors who understand the situation and are experiencing their own challenges.  By working together to consider options and solutions, we have delivered outcomes for them as we continue to support each other.

Today was another first for us and one of our associates Craig Semple from Mentality Plus, filming a number of short tutorials which we will be posting on our website over the next few weeks.  The tutorials will focus on a number of areas including:

  • Resilience
  • Leadership in Times of Crisis
  • The Importance of Communication in Times of Change
  • The Need for Pro-Active Leadership
  • Building Trust as a Leader
  • Tips for Managing Performance
  • Understanding Change
  • Personal Growth During Times of Crisis

Many thanks to Michael Murray from Michael Murray & Associates who provided the expertise and equipment to  film the tutorials.  As always, he provided sound advice as we worked our way through the process of filming and the various topics being discussed.

It’s always a positive experience to collaborate with great people, looking to support each other through challenging times.




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