Manage People Performance Workshops – Liddell & Glendell Mines (Glencore)

Manage People Performance Workshops – Liddell & Glendell Mines (Glencore) 20 March 2021

Leadership & Performance Partners have been working with Glencore sites Liddell and Glendell to develop and deliver workshops to support the rollout of an online feedback tool in the form of an App that will assist Supervisors and Managers to develop and support their people.

The App may be used to capture performance discussions including recognition of good performance; conversation to discuss performance improvement; and Performance Appraisals.

Each workshop covered the implementation of the App’s technology and how it could be used in the workplace which was delivered by Glencore’s Nicholas Hartley.  This was followed by Leadership & Performance Partners delivery which focused on:

  • Policy and Legislation
  • Setting Performance Expectations
  • Formal and Informal Performance Reviews
  • Positive Feedback (FEB)
  • Constructive Feedback (4I’s)
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Peer to Peer Conversations
  • Coaching & Mentoring

During the workshop, participants completed a number of role plays, then used the App to capture those, demonstrating the effectiveness of it when used back in the work environment.

Many thanks to Sarah Carrucan from Liddell and Jackie Murren from Glendell for inviting us to work with them to support this initiative.


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