Incident Investigation Training at Liddell Coal Operations

Incident Investigation Training at Liddell Coal Operations 1 April 2020
Leadership Performance Partners - Mining sector


Leadership & Performance Partners have had a great opportunity working with Liddell Coal Operations in developing site-specific training to assist OCE’s and Supervisors to carry out quality incident investigations incorporating the “5 whys” tool to identify contributing factors.

A unique aspect of these workshops involved the following concepts:

Classroom delivery covering the following areas:

  •      Understanding the purpose of carrying out Incident Investigations
  •      What does a quality investigation look like?
  •       Understanding the Investigation Process
  •       Securing the incident scene, taking photos and capturing evidence
  •       Effective Interview techniques (Planning and Questioning)
  •       Using the PEEPO method for data collection and identifying contributing factors
  •       Developing “Timelines” of incidents
  •       Understanding and using the “5 Whys” methodology
  •       Developing recommendations based on evidence

2  Liddell Coal Operations invested the time and resources to have “mock incidents” set up in the workplace with relevant equipment and involved staff. This achieved the following outcomes:

  • Participants had the opportunity to practice the skills and learnings in a hands-on environment (e.g. scene preservation, identifying witnesses and information sources at the scene)
  • Preparing Interview plans.
  • Developing an “Incident Investigation Timeline”
  • Using the “5 Whys” methodology to identify contributing factors
  • Using the “Just Cause Model” to identify findings and recommendations.

Participants were provided with a participant guide which involved in class activities and also as a reference guide for future investigations.

They were also provided with a Certificate of Attendance which provided participants with evidence of Maintenance of Competencies.

If Leadership & Performance Partners can assist you business to develop Incident Response and Investigation Skills contact either Ross Grace 0423 619162 or Mark Maguire 0458 526670.

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