Facilitating Incident Investigation Workshops

Facilitating Incident Investigation Workshops 15 August 2020

Leadership & Performance Partners facilitate Incident Investigation workshops that may be tailored to suit your business policies; procedures and compliance requirements.

Our workshops cover the following topics:

  • Purpose of Incident Investigations
  • Legislative Requirements including: Notification; Non-Disturbance of the Scene
  • The Incident Investigation Process (Understanding the processes and steps)
  • Initial Response to an Incident including: Safety Issues – safety of first responders and those at the scene; Non-Disturbance of Scene (Requirements and Exceptions); Securing the Scene
  • Internal Notification Processes
  • External Notification requirements
  • Investigation Levels – roles and time frames
  • Gathering Information techniques and methods (PEEPO) including: Scanning the scene; Taking Photos; Drawing Plans /Sketches; Identifying witnesses
  • Interviewing Witnesses including: Planning for the Interview; Effective Questioning Techniques
  • Recording the Incident and Investigation
  • Identifying Contributing Factors (Creating timelines; Identifying Immediate and Root Cause )
  • Making Recommendations (PEEPO)

Pictured is Craig Semple, one of our Incident Investigation Workshop facilitators.  Craig has 25 years policing experience, the majority of which was spent as a detective conducting major investigations. He brings a wealth of expertise particularly when having discussions with participants and answering their questions in relation to requirements at the scene of an incident; collecting evidence; preparing for an interview; and procedural fairness including well-being issues.

Workshop attendees are provided with a Participant Guide which serves as a resource post the workshop. A Certificate of Attendance is also issued which may be used by attendees if they have industry maintenance of competence requirements.


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