Change Management

Change Management Workshops

Organisational change is inevitable.

When your organisation takes steps to improve performance, take opportunities and even overcome issues, this often requires change within the workplace, whether that be in relation to processes, systems, job roles or other parts of the business.

Our interactive Change Management Workshops for leaders and staff help you to understand the impact of change and confidently prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt to change and therefore support organisational success. By communicating effectively and supporting staff through the process, you can ensure your initiative brings success to your business.

  • Members of the leadership and/or executive teams
  • Business owners
  • Human resource advisors
  • Managers and supervisors
  1. The stages of change management:
  • Identifying the stages of change management and the impact on the organisation as well as your staff along each stage of change.
  • The concepts of status, value and control and how they can impact in a negative or positive way throughout the change process.


  1. Appreciating and communicating the positive aspects of change:
  • Through a group brainstorming activity and SWOT analysis, you’ll be able to identify the positive opportunities and outcomes presented by the changes made to your business.
  • Have a full understanding of the drivers of change and how best to share them with stakeholders and staff.


  1. How to effectively communicate change initiatives to stakeholders and staff:
  • Providing effective communication during change for better organisational outcomes.
  • Understanding the barriers to effective communication.
  • Knowing the actions to take to influence people during change.


  1. Identifying and then better managing the reasons for change resistance:
  • What’s in it for me (WIIFM).
  • The key change management principles of status, value and control.
  • Understanding fear (false, evidence, appearing, real).
  • Knowing culture in your workplace.
  • Dealing with any negativity from staff and using strategies to minimise the effects.
  • Interactive role plays that allow you to have a realistic understanding of managing change in the workplace so you can embed strategies throughout the learning process.


  1. How to become a change agent:
  • Understanding the change agent model.
  • Using the concept of social conformity to assist in change management.
  • Dealing in facts and not emotions to assist in change acceptance and management.
  • Identifying the characteristics and behaviours of effective change agents.
  • Gaining communication techniques that will help you deal with resistance.
  • Interactive role plays for better implementation at work.


  1. Strategies and tools to help you manage resilience:
  • Covey’s circle of influence and concern.
  • Using the empathy tool to discuss change concerns with staff.
  • Personal coping strategies and techniques.


Beyond the many learnings you will take away from the workshop, a work folder containing templates, strategies and tips; and an evaluation of your performance during the interactive workshop so you have a better understanding on areas of development that you should focus on.

We believe that a capped attendance allows us to provide our attendees with the most valuable experience. This creates the best learning setting that allows us to go through relevant case studies and answer any questions you might have. Our goal is to provide the tools and understandings you need to take what you’ve learnt and deliver it in the workplace, and we believe a more personalised and smaller workshop setting best achieves that.

Leadership & Performance Partners is committed to working with you and your business to develop programs that are suited to your needs, people and business environment.

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