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Bringing decades of proven industry expertise.

We raise the competence and confidence of the leaders in your organisation for increased success.

Did you know that less than optimal leadership practices can cost your business thousands per year? Poor leadership skills can result in high turnover, declining morale, increased sick days and rumour mills and impact your team/business’ ability to reach your goals today and even after those leaders have left the business.

We are committed to helping those at the helm of the business, both established and emerging, to create the best conditions for success.

We work with businesses, individuals and teams to help you achieve positive, long-term behavioural change and to become more effective leaders through practical, high-quality leadership and professional development programs delivered by experienced and qualified facilitators.

Leadership and emotional intelligence training

Businesses that have people with an understanding of the requirements of leadership and emotional intelligence have a head start along the path to success.

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Leadership Performance Partners - Professional development

Professional Development

Professional leadership training programs can help people refine their skills, learn new capabilities and expand their leadership abilities.

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Leadership Performance Partners - Performance Management

Performance Management

Learn the skills needed to become a great leader who empowers the best work from others and to direct and develop employees.

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Building business leaders for greater success

Leadership Performance Partners - Mining sector

Leadership training for the mining industry

Mining is a dynamic industry that requires a broad range of skills from its leadership team to stay effective and compliant. We can tailor a leadership or specific skills program that is specifically designed for the mining industry and adapted to your business needs.

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Leadership Performance Partners - Small business

Leadership training for small businesses

As a small business owner, there are so many things to juggle and challenges to face every day. If natural born leader doesn’t fit into your skillsets, our leadership training programs for small businesses can give you the tools and expertise you need to get the most out of your team.

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Leadership Performance Partners - Corporate leadership

Leadership training for corporate businesses

The leadership skills of your managers and leaders can either drive organisational success or lead to your business’ downfall. With the right business leadership training, your team can take on new challenges and deliver even better results for your company.

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“Our facilitators have over 50 years of combined experience working with government bodies, the private sector, large organisations and small business.”

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Leadership Development


We understand the barriers that managers face along the path to leadership and the risks to businesses who don’t focus on developing the people at the helm of their organisation.

Our facilitators have 50 years of combined experience working with businesses across Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Sydney, Central Coast, Central West NSW, North West NSW and many other areas of Australia spanning government bodies, the private sector, large organisations and small business.

Ross Grace
Partner & Facilitator
Mark Maguire
Partner & Facilitator
Craig Semple

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