Workplace Incident Investigation Workshop

Workplace Incident Investigation Workshop

Serious accidents and incidents in the workplace can affect your business in multiple ways, including lowering morale, damaging workplace culture, legal costs, losing production and damaging stakeholder/client relationships.

The main purpose of this course is prevention by conducting an effective incident investigation.

Legislation requires that workplace accidents and incidents are adequately investigated to ensure hazards and risks are identified and steps are taken to control or eliminate causes, therefore preventing similar incidents in the future.

This practical workshop will give the knowledge and skills you need to effectively investigate workplace incidents, including identifying relevant evidence, interviewing witnesses, identifying contributing factors and making recommendations to help the business maintain success.

The skills that will be developed through this workshop are relevant to a wide and diverse group of professionals, including:

  • Business managers and supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Safety officers
  • WHS representatives
  • Small and medium business owners
  • The purpose of incidence investigation and importance of your WHS legislative requirements, notification responsibilities and of not disturbing the scene.
  • The best practice processes and steps to follow to successful investigate an incident.
  • Understanding the importance of the initial response to an incident, including safety issues (ensuring the safety of the first responders and those at the scene) and non-disturbance of the scene.
  • How to preserve the scene of an incident.
  • Internal notification processes to follow up the incident in the workplace.
  • How to communicate externally in regards to the incident.
  • Techniques for gathering information (PEEPO – people, environment, equipment, procedures and organisation), including scanning the scene, taking photos, drawing plans and sketches and identifying witnesses.
  • Effective questioning and listening techniques to interview witnesses and how to plan ahead for your interviews.
  • How to identify contributing factors to an accident or incident (the five whys).
  • Forming recommendations based on PEEPO.
  • Recording the incident and investigation to meet legislative and best practice requirements.
  • Realistic role plays carried out in groups to simulate a realistic workplace investigation so you feel better equipped to use your new tools and skills in the workplace.


Beyond the many learnings you will take away from the workshop, a work folder containing templates, strategies and tips; and an evaluation of your performance during the interactive workshop so you have a better understanding on areas of development that you should focus on.

We believe that a capped attendance allows us to provide our attendees with the most valuable experience. This creates the best learning setting that allows us to go through relevant case studies and answer any questions you might have. Our goal is to provide the tools and understandings you need to take what you’ve learnt and deliver it in the workplace, and we believe a more personalised and smaller workshop setting best achieves that.

Leadership & Performance Partners is committed to working with you and your business to develop programs that are suited to your needs, people and business environment.

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