Building High Performing Teams with Delta Power

Building High Performing Teams with Delta Power 28 November 2019

Leadership and Performance Partners facilitated an interactive Team Building Day with Delta Power on the 27th November 2019. The workshop focused on several key areas including:

• What are the characteristics of High Performing Teams?
• What are the Advantages and Disadvantages that teams bring to the organisation?
• Using effective Team Decision Making Strategies.
• Identifying the Strengths of the Team and focusing on Challenges and improvements for team performance and productivity
• Developing a Team Charter for Behaviours Above and Below the Line.

Some of the Key learnings and discussion points from the day were:

High Performing Teams require the following characteristics:

• Open, honest communication
• Keeping each other accountable
• Taking the time to listen and understand the views of others
• Using the skill and experience of Team Members
• Understanding and focusing on the goals, objectives and outputs of the team

Improving Innovation in the Team required:

• Listening to the new ideas of others without judging
• Discussing the idea, its consequences and the positive and negative risks of the change
• Trying the new idea. Allow people to “Give it a crack and fail”

Acceptable Team Behaviours (Above the Line)

• Respecting people’s views and opinions
• Active Listening
• Giving and Receiving Feedback
• When identifying problems, also Identify possible solutions

Unacceptable Behaviours (Below the Line)

• Not helping other team members
• Being negative
• Starting and Circulating Rumours
• Unfounded Criticism

Thanks to all the participants from Delta Power who were prepared to be involved and sharing their knowledge & experience.


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