United Wambo Joint Venture – Improving Team Performance

United Wambo Joint Venture – Improving Team Performance 1 April 2020

Leadership & Performance Partners have been working with United Wambo Joint Venture in relation to Team Building and improving Leadership Capabilities. Teams have included the Senior Leadership Team; Production teams; and Maintenance teams and will soon involve Technical Services and Health Safety, Training and Community teams.

The Team Building Workshops address the following topics:
• Identifying the skills and behaviours of effective teams
• Understanding how we work effectively within the DISC model
• Team Decision Making strategies
• Developing the ‘Team Brand’
• Developing the Team’s Vision, Mission and strategies to deliver quality outcomes to the business
• Identifying Team expectations and ‘Behaviours Above and Below the Line’
• The stages of Team Development
• Interacting with team members? What is acceptable or not? Gaining team commitment.

The workshops are highly interactive, involving a number of activities and scenarios to reinforce key learnings and outcomes.

The Team Building program is using DISC ADVANCED Assessments. This requires each team member to complete a DISC ADVANCED Individual Assessment. From the Individual Assessments a DISC ADVANCED Team Report is generated. The Individual & Team reports provide valuable insights for both individual de-briefs and the Team Building workshops, providing information to promote constructive discussions in relation to:
• Strengths and areas for development
• Mission and Values
• Standards
• Effective communication
• Conflict resolution
• Strategic decision making
• Succession planning
• Leadership development
• Organisational development

The program allows these newly form teams to gain better understanding of each other, improves cohesiveness and productivity. The DISC reports also allow individual development and forms a strong platform for the Managers and Supervisors to assist their team members.

If your business is interested in Team Building & Development programs, please contact either Mark Maguire 0458 526670 or Ross Grace 0423 619162.

Leadership & Performance Partners are DISC accredited and can work with your organisation to use DISC ADVANCED Assessments to achieve positive outcomes.

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