Team Building Workshops – NSW Public Works Advisory (Hunter New England)

Team Building Workshops – NSW Public Works Advisory (Hunter New England) 16 December 2020

Leadership & Performance Partners and Mentality Plus have been working with the NSW Public Works Advisory (Hunter New England) to develop and facilitate Team Building Workshops that were delivered in Tamworth and Newcastle during November and December 2020.

The workshops were designed to have team members re-connect post COVID after the majority of staff had been working from home either full time or part time and are now making arrangements to return to the office on a more frequent basis.

During the workshops participants discussed and shared with each other:

  • What they had learnt during COVID
  • PWA Values and the behaviours required to align with those values
  • What are the behaviours of High Performing Teams
  • Tuckman’s Stages of Team Performance
  • Behaviours Above and Below the Line

The days were flexible in their approach to enable each group to focus on areas important to them and involved a number of  fun team building activities.

The areas of well-being and resilience were discussed, with Craig Semple from Mentality Plus providing a 2 hour presentation during which he opened up about his own story and journey, sharing a number of strategies for well-being; mindfulness and building resilience.

Many thanks to NSW Public Works Advisory for providing us with the opportunity to deliver the workshops, and in particular those who attended for their involvement and preparedness to share their own experiences and knowledge.





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