Team Building – Bengalla Mine (New Hope Group)

Team Building – Bengalla Mine (New Hope Group) 20 October 2020

On the 23rd September 2020, Leadership & Performance Partners facilitated a Team Building workshop for leaders from Bengalla Mine, part of the New Hope Group.

We were fortunate to have access to ‘The Homestead’ on the mine’s property where the day was held.  This was a great reminder of the history of the area, with the house, quarters and surrounds restored and maintained.

During the day, the participants were involved in a number of discussions and activities including:

  • Using DISC to understand behaviours and enhance communication
  • The Benefits of High Performing (Autonomous) Teams
  • Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Having open and honest conversations
  • Team Decision Making
  • Behaviours Above and Below the Line
  • Developing a Team Charter

Many thanks to the leadership of Bengalla, for providing us with the opportunity to work with leaders within their business to improve individual and team performance.  We also appreciated those in attendance being involved throughout the day, prepared to share the experiences, opinions and ideas.

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