Plant Assessor – Team Building Day

Plant Assessor – Team Building Day 19 October 2020

On the 4th September 2020, Leadership & Performance Partners facilitated a Team Building Day for Plant Assessor at Noah’s on the Beach, Newcastle.

Plant Assessor is the world’s largest plant & equipment safety & information sharing platform. It’s used by more than 1,000 organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand to help capture and share machinery information and ensure equipment is safe for use and accompanied by the right safety information.

During the day we focused on the following areas with the Plant Assessor team:

  • Plant Assessor Values
  • What makes an effective team
  • Tuckman’s theory of Team Development
  • Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Using DISC to understand and communicate with other people
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Decision Making
  • Having open and honest conversations
  • Behaviours Above and Below the Line
  • Developing a Team Charter

Many thanks to the Plant Assessor team for their involvement during discussions and activities.  It is great to work with committed and passionate people.

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