Liddell Commercial Team Building Workshop

Liddell Commercial Team Building Workshop 2 June 2021

Thanks to the Commercial team from Liddell Coal Operations for their involvement at their Team Building Workshop, held on the 26th May at Spicer’s Vineyard in the Hunter Valley.  A great day was had by all as we discussed and shared knowledge & experience in relation to a number of topics including:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Understanding personalities and behaviours using DISC
  • Individual and Team Decision Making
  • The Characteristics of Highly Effective Teams
  • Planning & Prioritisation
  • Building Trust

The team completed a number of activities during the day and as shown in the photos, had a great time attempting to ‘de-fuse the bomb’ as part of a team decision making activity.

Thanks to all those who attended for the involvement throughout the day.

Leadership & Performance Partners works with organisations to develop and deliver Team Building Workshop that are specific to their needs.  If we can support your business in this area, please contact either Mark Maguire 0458 526670 or Ross Grace 0423 619162.  Alternatively send us an email at


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