Situational Awareness Workshops – Hunter Water

Situational Awareness Workshops – Hunter Water 21 March 2021

Leadership & Performance Partners have been working with Hunter Water to design and develop Situational Awareness workshops.  The workshops are facilitated over 2 x 4 hour workshops with a mix of theory and practical activities.  The workshops primary focus is work health and safety, however there are other application’s discussed in relation to the application of Situational Awareness including:

  • Dealing with difficult clients/customers
  • Driving / travel
  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Personal security
  • Making decisions in stressful situations
  • Application in personal life

Delivery of the workshops commenced in March 2021 and will continue through until June.  The workshops have been delivered to workers from Hunter Water’s Electrical, Maintenance & Mechanical (EMM) and Civil Works departments.

The Session 1 workshop covers the following topics:

  • What is Situational Awareness?
  • History & Foundations of Situational Awareness
  • Application of Situational Awareness
  • Situational Awareness Model – Level 1 Perception
  • Situational Awareness Model – Level 2 Comprehension
  • Situational Awareness Model – Level 3 Projection

At the conclusion of Session 1, participants are required to take strategies and knowledge from the session back into the workplace and report on those when they return for Session 2.

Session 2 of the Situational Awareness workshops covers the following topics:

  • Stress and Performance
  • Decision Making
  • Human Factors
  • Barriers to Situational Awareness

The sessions have been well received with the following comments from participants:

  • “Good mixture of theory and practical”
  • “There is relevance for everyone no matter what job they do”
  • “Enjoy the practical activities rather than just seeing a PowerPoint”
  • “Entertaining and informative, you got involved”

The Situational Awareness workshops can be tailored to suit any organisation within any industry.  They may delivered as either 2 x 4 hour sessions or as a 1 Day Program. Leadership & Performance Partners works with business to ensure the program suits your people and business including the development of relevant case studies and scenarios.

If you are interested in the Situational Awareness workshop and how we may be able to support you business, please contact us.

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