Hunter Water – End of Year Talks

Hunter Water – End of Year Talks 19 January 2021

Leadership & Performance Partners was invited by Hunter Water to present at its end of year talks that were delivered across the business at a number of sites and also via Zoom.

 This is a great initiative by Hunter Water to remind all its people to remain vigilant in regards to wellbeing and safety, with the approaching year end and holiday season.

 Each session was introduced by senior managers from Hunter Water, before the following topics were presented:

  • Fatigue (Ethos Health)
  • Situational awareness (Leadership & Performance Partners)
  • Wellbeing and the Employee Assistance Program (Newpsyche)

Each topic involved a 15 minute presentation. Leadership & Performance Partners presenters Ross Grace and Mark Maguire discussed the following in relation to situational awareness:

  • Concepts of situational awareness
  • Why it’s important in our roles
  • How and where situational awareness may be applied
  • Barriers to maintaining situational awareness
  • Strategies to improve situational awareness

 Thanks to Hunter Water’s WHS Manager Megan Brewster for inviting us to be involved and also thanks to those who attended for their participation.

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