Our Approach

We raise the competence and confidence of the leaders in your organisation for increased success.

Did you know that less than optimal leadership practices can cost your business thousands per year?

Poor leadership skills can result in high turnover, declining morale, increased sick days, rumour mills and impact your team/business’ ability to reach your goals, even after those leaders have left the business.

We are committed to helping those at the helm of the business, both established and emerging, to create the best conditions for success.

We work with businesses, individuals and teams to help you achieve positive, long-term behavioural change and to become more effective leaders through practical, high-quality leadership and professional development programs delivered by experienced and qualified facilitators.

Our Solutions

Don’t settle for a pre-packaged solution…

If you’re serious about your business or career, you will already have an understanding of your strengths, weaknesses and needs. We don’t believe that there is one program that suits all unique circumstances. We work with you, your organisation, team and key stakeholders to gain an understanding of your leadership development requirements and desired outcomes so we can tailor a program that is of most benefit and relevance to your workplace.

Our programs are built on three key areas – leadership, emotional intelligence and communication – and are designed with both a theoretical and practical component, so your team feel confident applying what they’ve learnt at work.

We are accredited to use psychometric tools to assist us in the development stage and also as part of the finalised program, including DISC, Myer Briggs Type Indicator, LSI1 and LSI2, and 360 Feedback.

Our Leadership Tools

The best thing about our leadership tools is seeing what your leaders do with them.

One of the biggest challenges that short online courses and out-of-the-box leadership courses present to any business or professional is a lack of implementation and follow-up.

While it’s easy to take on the tools offered in a one-day or short course, practicing them in a business setting and understanding their use in different situations can be challenging.

We’re passionate about helping people put their new leadership tools into practice in their business for greater success.

We offer coaching and mentoring support that lasts during AND beyond the program, so you get real value for your money and active feedback as you put the tools into action.

We also support attendees in their ongoing learning by providing interactive updates and leadership resources through information videos, useful templates and workplace challenges. These programs ensures your leadership team can continue to grow well beyond the course completion date.

We seek feedback from participants throughout the training program, and provide a more detailed evaluation report to you once the project has been completed.

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