Negotiation Skills

Business Negotiation Skills for Leaders Workshop

Your ability to negotiate effectively and achieve defined objectives is critical to your business’ success. Without negotiation skills, you can find yourself and your business facing unresolved conflicts that can be costly to your goals and future.

The art of negotiation for a business leader is key as it can lead to positive outcomes for the business and develop relationships internally and externally with clients and stakeholders. However, it takes training and practice to perfect.

This interactive workshop will give you the confidence and skills you need to resolve points of difference, gain the advantage in the outcome of a discussion, produce an agreement upon courses of action or bargain for individual or collective advantage.

You will be better prepared, more confident and have greater control during the negotiation process, giving you an advantage as a leader and influencer in your business.

Workshop duration

One day workshop.

Any person who needs to gain a basic understanding of negotiation principles and strategies. This workshop is ideal for people new to a leadership role within the business and who negotiate with other parts of the business and internal stakeholders. It is also appropriate for:

  • Senior managers
  • Small business owners
  • Account managers
  • Sales professionals
  • HR professionals
  • Union delegates
  • This highly interactive, learner focused negotiation skills training course will arm you and your team with winning negotiation skills and tactics, so you feel confident in all aspects of negotiation.
  • Understand different negotiation styles and when to apply them.
  • Effective verbal and non-verbal communication strategies for better negotiating.
  • Templates and tools to improve your negotiation skills.
  • Effective tools, templates and strategies to prepare and negotiate successfully.
  • The who, when and how of negotiation, including:
    • What is negotiation and how often do you need to negotiate with others.
    • Different models for effective negotiation.
    • Effective negotiation characteristics and skills.
    • Self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses in negotiation.
    • Understand and identify the personality, decision making and problem-solving strategies of yourself and others.
  • How to prepare to negotiate, including:
    • The negotiation model – planning, negotiation, closing and reviewing.
    • Lewicki and Haim’s Negotiation Matrix.
    • The integrative win–win approach (problems, options and strategies).
    • The five elements of the negotiation preparation plan.
    • Negotiation planning worksheet that will help you identify interests in common as well as conflicts, the strengths and weaknesses of each party, the power play and timeframes.
  • The art of negotiation, including:
    • Effective communication and how to identify barriers to communication.
    • Using the concepts of status, value and control to your advantage.
    • Applying the three A’s – affiliation, autonomy and appreciation.
    • Making and responding to proposals.
    • Understanding the psychological aspects to negotiating.
    • Using power, time and body language to your advantage.
    • Trading and not conceding.
    • Using tools like the nudge theory, empathy tool, and reframing.
    • Finalising agreements.
  • Identify the challenges and mistakes that negotiators make so you can avoid them, e.g. not negotiating with the right party, power and fear of losing face, competition and the need to win, blue brain vs red brain, power in negotiation and the Ethics Test.


You will be provided with two alternative course dates so you can still access the contents and benefits of your booked course. Please read our Refund and Cancellation Policy to find out more.

Beyond the many learnings you will take away from the workshop, you will receive a personal development plan based on your unique performance management needs; a work folder containing templates, strategies and tips; lunch and refreshments; and an evaluation of your performance during the interactive workshop so you have a better understanding on areas of development that you should focus on.

We believe that a capped attendance allows us to provide our attendees with the most valuable experience. This creates the best learning setting that allows us to go through relevant case studies and answer any questions you might have. Our goal is to provide the tools and understandings you need to take what you’ve learnt and deliver it in the workplace, and we believe a more personalised and smaller workshop setting best achieves that.

Leadership & Performance Partners is committed to working with you and your business to develop programs that are suited to your needs, people and business environment.

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