Motivational Mental Health Presentation

Motivational Mental Health Presentation

Our workplace mental health presentation is an effective in-house, one-hour presentation designed to motivate staff to identify mental health symptoms, encourage the benefits of help seeking behaviours and to build a positive and inclusive workplace culture of peer support.

Through a Lived Experience presentation providing real life insight into workplace psychological injury and the consequences of failing to seek early help, Craig provides a raw insight into the value of positive workplace discussions around mental health and wellbeing to increase mental health knowledge and awareness. Craig will take participants through his journey in law enforcement, his battle with workplace mental illness and the impact those illnesses had, not only on him, but also on those closest to him.

The presentation finishes with a powerful, positive demonstration of how learning and practicing wellbeing strategies builds resilience, protects against developing mental illness and aids recovery.

Workshop duration

One hour.

  • Staff members
  • Team leaders
  • Executive team members
  • Business owners
  • Any employee
  • Signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses.
  • Coping strategies and the risks of sustained extreme stress in the workplace.
  • Wellbeing strategies to better manage personal and workplace mental health.
  • Stigma is the main barrier for those suffering mental illness to seek help and this presentation breaks down those barriers by raising awareness and de-mystifying the subject of mental health in the workplace and wider community.

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