Learning from Disasters Training – Ulan Underground

Learning from Disasters Training – Ulan Underground 10 August 2021

During June and July 2021, Leadership & Performance Partners delivered the Learning from Disaster 1 Hour Training program to workers from Ulan Underground mine (Glencore).

This program was delivered as work health and safety refresher training, reinforcing to participants that the risk of fatality or serious injury occurs in all parts of the mining sector.

The sessions were flexible, encouraging discussion from all participants on the strategies to learn the lessons of the past and implement robust work health and safety management systems throughout their workplace.

The training utilises Professor Michael Quinlan’s 10 Pathway to Disasters. Professor Quinlan systematically analysed 24 mine disasters and fatal incidents in five countries (Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and the USA) since 1975. His research concluded that there are 10 pattern causes which repeatedly recur in these incidents, namely:

  • Engineering, design and maintenance flaws.
  • Failure to heed warning signs.
  • Flaws in risk assessment.
  • Flaws in management systems.
  • Flaws in system auditing.
  • Economic/reward pressures compromising safety.
  • Failures in regulatory oversight.
  • Worker/supervisor concerns that were ignored.
  • Poor worker/management communication and trust.
  • Flaws in emergency and rescue procedures.

This program aims to ensure that mine workers are aware that the learnings from mine disasters are now applied as part of NSW WHS laws and regulations applying to mines and petroleum sites.  It seeks to raise awareness and support workers to be vigilant in their thoughts and actions to prevent mining disasters as part of mines’ safety management systems and activities.

If you are in the mining industry, Leadership & Performance Partners can support you with facilitating the Learning from Disasters packages:

  • Program 1 – one hour induction or refresher training program for mine workers
  • Program 2 – two hour program for practising certificate holders – quarry managers with specified mine restrictions
  • Program 3 – one day program for holders of practising certificates for any class of mine to satisfy their maintenance of competence conditions

For more information contact either:

  • Mark Maguire 0458 526670 mark@leadershipandperformance.com.au or
  • Ross Grace 0423 619162 ross @leadershipandperformance.com.,au


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