Bullying & Harassment Workshops for Leaders

Bullying & Harassment Workshops for Leaders 9 July 2020
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Over the last month we have been working with Mangoola Open Cut (Glencore) developing and delivering Bullying and Harassment Workshops for Supervisors.

The program has been supported by the Mangoola Senior Management Team, to provide their leaders with the knowledge and tools to deal with the difficult issues and conversations that are an inevitable part of leading teams in large and complex organisations.

Mangoola Open Cut understands that workplace bullying is a risk to health and safety and it is best dealt with by taking steps to prevent it from occurring and responding quickly if it does occur. A recurring theme throughout the workshops has been ‘deal with the issue, don’t let them become problems’.

The workshops cover a number of areas including:

  • Understanding what constitutes bullying
  • Understanding what is not bullying
  • Relevant Legislation and duty of care (WHS Act)
  • Defining harassment; EEO; discrimination; unreasonable behaviour
  • The role of leaders ie setting standards as role models; educating team members; taking action
  • Establishing team behaviours (above and below the line)
  • Encouraging peer to peer conversations
  • Having difficult conversations such as performance discussions addressing behaviour

The workshops have been well accepted by leaders from the business that have attended with comments including:

“Very engaging and knew the content well.”

“Excellent content. Great subject knowledge.”

“Information supplied very relevant to my job.”

“It was engaging and relevant…there were a lot of relevant parts of this training for the target group.”

It has been great to see the business leaders sharing their knowledge and experience during the sessions, supporting each other and demonstrating a willingness to be pro-active in this area to look after their people.

Attendees are issued with a Certificate of Attendance that may be used by Statutory Holders for their Maintenance of Competence.




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