Rapid Spray Leadership Program

Rapid Spray Leadership Program 5 August 2020

Rapid Spray is a family owned business based at Singleton in the Hunter Valley.  It provides innovative products to the agricultural, industrial and government industries in the spraying and liquid cartage sector.

Rapid Spray’s motto is, “The Proof is in the Performance“.

Since May 2020, Leadership & Performance Partners have been facilitating the Rapid Spray Leadership Program which was given the motto “The Proof is in Our Leadership”.  The program had a number of their frontline supervisors as participants and this week marked the conclusion of the program.

Leadership & Performance Partners have enjoyed being part of the journey with the participants during which they have attended 2 Training Days; 3 Coaching Days and 3 Manager Check-Ins.  The Training Days included the following topics:

  • Leadership Behaviours and Influence on Workplace Culture
  • Leaders as Role Models
  • Leadership Styles
  • The Stages of Team Performance
  • Team Decision Making
  • Communication Skills
  • Effective Presentations
  • Understanding People Behaviours
  • Providing Feedback & Having Performance Discussions
  • Coaching Using the GROW Model
  • Delegation
  • Mentoring

These days were interactive and the participants completed a number of activities including:

  • Personal SWOT Analysis
  • Leadership Brand
  • Performance Discussion Role Plays
  • Conflict Role Plays
  • Making a Presentation
  • Above and Below the Line Behaviours
  • Workplace Scenarios

Coaching Days involved each participant receiving one on one Coaching from a Leadership & Performance Partners facilitator as the individual leadership needs of that person were addressed.  This was a great opportunity to reinforce their positive attributes as well as providing strategies for their development areas.

The Manager Check Ins provided an opportunity for the participant’s line manager to check on each person’s progress during the program and provide their support for ongoing development.

The feedback from Rapid Spray is they have noticed positive change in these leaders exhibited by their increased confidence; providing consistent feedback; dealing with issues and not letting them become problems; coaching and developing the members of their teams; increased delegation.

It was great to see the Rapid Spray Senior Leadership Team’s support for the program as they continue to work with and support the program participants professional development.

Leadership & Performance Partners look forward to working with Rapid Spray again in the future.


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