Delta Electricity Leadership Program 2020

Delta Electricity Leadership Program 2020 26 July 2020

13 participants from Delta Electricity and 1 participant from Delta Coal have commenced the Delta Electricity Leadership Program 2020 being facilitated by Leadership & Performance Partners.

On Wednesday 22nd July 2020 they attended the first of five classroom sessions during which the following areas will be addressed:

  • Day 1 Leadership and Culture (Behaviours)
  • Day 2 Emotional Intelligence & Communication
  • Day 3 Leading Teams and Developing People
  • Day 4 Managing Performance
  • Day 5 Managing Change & Negotiation

Participants have already completed a Human Synergistics  LSI2 review and de-brief that has assisted in identifying individual strengths and areas for improvement.

They will also receive one on one coaching between each training session to discuss their individual professional development needs and provide advice how they may implement strategies in the workplace to address these.  Additionally there will be ‘Manager Check Ins’ during which the participant will meet with their line manager who will support and monitor individual progress throughout the program.

As part of the program, a workplace project is required to be completed applying the tools and techniques discussed at each training session and during coaching.  The project will require the participants working either individually or in small teams to:

  • Identify the need for the project (opportunity / improvement / innovation)
  • Define the goals / objectives to be achieved (Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-based)
  • Define the resource requirements for the project including roles and responsibilities
  • Develop and implement the plan including contingencies
  • Report on the success of the project (goals achieved and areas for improvement)

The participants will present their projects at the conclusion of the program to members of the Delta Electricity Senior Management Team.

Leadership & Performance Partners are privileged and excited to be facilitating this program.  It is a great opportunity for the participants to continue the development of their leadership capabilities with the support of their business.

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