Coaching Support for Leaders in Challenging and Uncertain Times

Coaching Support for Leaders in Challenging and Uncertain Times 26 March 2020

The constant changes and difficult environment resulting from the COVID 19 virus has created challenges for leaders and the organisation, many of which have never been encountered before. Leaders are also dealing with the concerns and anxiety of their people as they deal with a constantly changing landscape.

Now more than ever, leadership is critical across all levels of the business.


How We Can Help

Leadership & Performance Partners have experienced facilitators and coaches who can assist leaders with key strategies and tools to assist them and their people through this unprecedented period of change and uncertainty.


Coaching & Mentoring Topics

  • Understanding the Change Curve, the emotions and behaviours of yourself and staff.
  • Dealing with Uncertain Times
  • Navigating Second-hand Stress
  • Tips to Keep a Work Life Balance
  • How to Bounce Back from a “Crap Day”
  • Turning Crisis into Opportunity
  • Improving Resilience
  • The Importance of Communication During Times of Change and Uncertainty
  • Dealing with Conflict Situations


Coaching Sessions are Confidential and Generally 1 Hour in Duration.


Leadership & Performance Partners are here to support the leaders across all levels of your business.

We are dedicated and committed to working with you through these challenging and uncertain times.  We truly believe we are all in this together.

Coaching and Mentoring sessions may be conducted remotely using resources such as Webex or Zoom.

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